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Triathlon & Run Coaching Powered by Artificial Intelligence 

TriDot’s optimization engine is the core technology that drives its patents-pending performance optimization. Leveraging big data insights from more than 15 years’ of training and race data, TriDot’s proprietary algorithms use predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to generate optimized triathlon training. Optimized Training™ delivers your best results in less time.




Transforms your raw training data into actionable data relative to your age, environment, and genetics


Optimizes your training program using predictive analytics to deliver your best results in less time


Measures and guides your training execution to help you stay on track and do the right training right


Click on either the TriDot or RunDot logo to take advantage of your FREE two week trial !


Powered by the same Artificial Intelligence which is used to create the award wining TriDot platform, but now targeted solely towards runners! 

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