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Mark Sim (BHSpSc) 
Founder & Head Coach

With over 15 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry I’ve worked with clients of all abilities, from the couch potato to the elite level athlete. My personal passion lies in Triathlons and have competed right up until Team GB level, and this has taught me that to achieve our goals, we need a dream, that needs a plan, and the plan needs to be executed, which requires discipline! So when a client comes to me with a goal and dream in mind, I set the plan and guide them through till success is achieved !




Based near Oxford and with over 3 years experience in the fitness industry, my journey began with a passion for triathlons, leading me to completing a fundraising challenge of completing 11 triathlons in one season. I then became a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer so that I could help clients fulfil their fitness journeys. I enjoy instructing HIIT, Spin classes and Pilates.

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